Tree Services


Sometimes the yard we are given isn’t the yard we’ve always dreamed of. From a lack of greenery on the site to simply not having a green thumb, there are many challenges to having the perfect yard. But there’s hope!

Cypress Mulch and Landscape is the premier tree specialist in Cypress, TX. We’re experts at planting trees to create an attractive yard, with the goal of helping your bring your dream landscape to life. Our goal is to help you add value to your property and increase your curb appeal.



Cypress Mulch and Landscape specializes in tree removals from your residential or commercial property, and we are experienced in all sizes of trees and levels of complexity. Tree stability, age and proximity to structures and power lines are all important factors we consider when designing a tree removal plan. We will discuss the safest method for removing your tree and give you a free written estimate for the cost of the tree removal on your property.

If you have a large dead tree or large tree limbs that require removal, we specialize in those.  And we will make sure completed cleaned of debris upon completion of the job. We haul away of the debris from the tree removal, and provide you with several options for you particular tree removal project.


Have the trees on property at  become overgrown? Are they threatening to cause damage to your property? You’ve come to the right place. Cypress Mulch and Landscape provides professional tree trimming services that are just the solution you’ve been looking for. Whether you need a one-time project or weekly maintenance on your landscape, we’re here to help.

Getting your trees trimmed will help keep your yard looking clean and attractive – maybe that’s why it’s our most requested service. Our experienced team will work to ensure the health of your trees long term. We offer residential and commercial tree trimming services to clients in and around Cypress, TX.